How to make your products fun: DogeCoin


How to make your products fun: DogeCoin

The most powerful currency 

What is the most powerful currency of our time? Is it USD? Is it bitcoin? Is it Dogecoin?

No. It's our attention.

Once you have real attention, magic start to happen. 

There are multiple ways to attract attention. The easiest way is to tap into one of the most fundamental primate desires of ours: "Have sex". That's why people can't seem to be ever fed up seeing the image of a super attractive person and clicking on the link. But fortunately, that's not the only desire we have so that it leaves us with other creative options too.


People are attracted to things which are inherently fun to them. But what is fun? To put it simply, fun is the reward for playing things you like.

Video games are fun to play. Video game industry has figured it out extensively. 

Result? The global video game market size was valued at USD 151.06 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.9% from 2020 to 2027.

Fun things draw attention. Fun things with meaning engage attention. 

An extremely stupid video may get viral and seen by millions but it is usually forgotten super quickly. But if it is something meaningful, it stays longer with people. 

"Build it and they will come" it's a myth now. But "Build something fun and they will at least try it" is more true.

What makes anything fun though? This is simple yet hard to answer. Throughout many articles, we will be discovering different ways to make anything fun.

Relatability is one of the ways you can make something fun. Let's explore it with the example of Dogecoin.

Making things fun through relatability

Relatability is one of the biggest factors that helps creating long-lasting attachment.

Liking dogs is in our DNA.

A few thousand years ago, many grey wolves were afraid of human but some weren't. Those who weren't afraid stayed with humans. There was a simple exchange of security and food between them and us. They became friendly with us. Those wolves passed their friendliness to their offspring and with time they started to evolve physically. They become smaller in size, developed curly tails, teeth size reduced and friendliness increased.

They eventually evolved into the dogs we know today. We share a strong bond with dogs from the beginning. It has the highest amount of relatability and connection. That's why it is common to eat chicken but not Dog. It is super rare.

Now with all the drama and craziness going around Gamestop, resulting in attention to Dogecoin so much that it soared 300 percent in 24 hours. It is multiple time said that Dogecoin started as a joke. It very well maybe. But the underlying product is really good and much different.

The creators of Dogecoin wanted to invent something that is instant, fun and free from conventional banking. 

They made something different. It works differently than how bitcoin works. e.g. They are infinite in resource, bitcoin is not. While many spend thousands on creating the "perfect" logo, these guys took the face of the Shiba Inu dog from the popular "Doge" meme as its logo. 

There are so many other crypto coins in which bitcoin is the most prominent one, and in between all of this Dogecoin never fails to attract the attention of the mass. Including Elon Musk.

From a product standpoint of view, what is so special about Dogecoin is not just the name and a logo but the culture it has created.

So many online communities dedicated to Dogecoin, have a special attachment to it. In fact, it is this attachment that it has become possible to keep the Dogecoin alive since 2013. 

Technology doesn't really attract the mass. The cool feature or cool tech stack would only attract hobbyist or enthusiast but making the tech fun through relatability is one wise way to get to the mass.

A billion-dollar Example 

Google maps Existed. Apple maps exited and still another player made entry. Made their whole UI super fun, added a cookie monster and many other fun elements. Result? A billion-dollar acquisition by google.

It's the app called Waze

Getting inspired from this, if you design any product, DM me. I'll add your example here.

To summarise 

  • Attention is the biggest currency

  • Make things fun

  • Realtibilty is one way to make things fun

  • Find the deep most inner desire to attract the mass

  • Use it playfully. Your product has to be meaningful and provide value in its core to stay in the game for the long term